More Operating Resource Effectiveness

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K & S Services (UK) Ltd. offering you our customers… M*O*R*E

M*O*R*E is a program of practical, hands-on services to increase your efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness. Utilizing the skills, experience and expertise of an external supplier has long been regarded as a successful way for organizations to cut costs and focus on their core business while gaining access to world-class capabilities.

M*O*R*E programs and services

  • M*O*R*E profits
  • M*O*R*E “costs” control
  • M*O*R*E production performance
  • M*O*R*E safety
  • M*O*R*E energy efficiencies

M*O*R*E Programs

  • 24 Hour “Emergency” Service
  • All-inclusive Customer Support Agreement Service
  • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Programs
  • Facility Operations Programs
  • Seminars & Training
  • Major Manufacturers,
  • Components & Accessories
  • Articles & Literature