ViessmannAsdaKS Services(UK) Ltd.

Site: ASDA Redditch. Dual Compartment Freezer/Chiller Store Utilising Internal Equipment: Luve ED Box Evaporators. Control Panels: Danfoss Optyma. External Equipment: Danfoss Optyma Condensing Units. Refrigerant: R404A. We were chosen by the global organisation Viessmann-Coldtech Ltd to work on the refrigeration project.

We selected the above equipment for several reasons as follows.

1. Quality is our main consideration
2. Sustainability is our focus
3. Ease of spares is essential
4. Traceability leads to improved quality
5. Aesthetics are always nice
6. Reliability are what the customer desires
7. Cost is critical
8. Longevity is aimed for
Our policy is always Pro-Active in all we do for WE CARE. It is as simple as that.
No Frills, no Baubles ` N`  Bangles and no hidden agendas. We do what we say and we are what we do!

Become part of the family and enjoy the experience we have to offer.

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